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Randy Kopytowski, New Business Development, Corporate Trainer, and Coach at Sterling Bedding, Inc. is dedicated to recruiting candidates that are passionate about owning their own business. Randy has been instrumental in shaping and implementing our business model and training and support programs to ensure our dealers success.

In 2010, Randy joined Sterling Bedding as an owner and operator of our Rome, New York location. His two years of success with Sterling Bedding earned him his current position as Regional Manager for their Northeast Region. As Regional Manager, Randy is responsible for the sales, marketing and success of 20 stores located in New York, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, Vermont, and New Hampshire.

Prior to joining Sterling Bedding, Randy gained valuable business and management experience – from 1978 to 2009, he was owner, president and chief operating officer of his own manufacturing and construction lumber enterprise specializing in log homes.  

He and his wife, Kathi, enjoy spending time with their family of three children and three grandchildren. He loves the outdoors, gardening, fishing, hunting ... and Giants football.

 Randy was born and raised in Oneida County, New York.

New Business Development
Corporate Trainer/ 

Coach Rome, NY