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Rick Connelly

Owner New Five Shells Bedding New Jersey

"In 2011, I was researching many different business opportunities for myself.  My “wish list” for the business included: Being able to make my own hours; make a comfortable living; relatively low start-up cost; NO franchise fees; NO MLM; the ability to start making a living quickly; and a support system that was there to assist but not to dictate.  Sterling Bedding offered ALL of those and more.  I started with Sterling Bedding in early 2012 and have enjoyed the success of running my own business on my own terms with the support of a wonderful team of coaches who are there to help whenever necessary. Everyone’s “wish list” is different, but if you have a “wish list” that is similar to mine, I would strongly suggest checking out the Sterling Bedding opportunity. "

Dan Martin

Owner and Randy Kopytowski, Area Manager

"I was at a time in my life where I had all the tools and ambition as well as experience in a business environment. I was in search of an opportunity that not only fit my personality but also complemented my skills. In 2008 when the financial crisis was in full swing and the housing market was spiraling, I was fortunate enough to sell my motorcycle business. Since then I spent time doing things that didn't compliment my experience and skills. As I filtered through hundreds of classifieds, thousands of Craigslist postings and talking to friends (which is BTW the worst place for advise) I realized and focused on what I needed, to be successful. Then I stumbled across a Craigslist post for a business opportunity thinking "here we go again." I called and spoke with Randy Kopytowski, now my Area Manager, whose initial demeanor is calming and inviting, you can imagine even with all my experience I found myself to be guarded. After Randy and I spoke and he explained to me what was involved and I researched all the material he provided. I was looking for a product, to be in business for myself yet, not by myself. and an opportunity that provided great upside potential based on my efforts. All of my previous business adventures were partnerships, which I knew I didn't want to do again. After speaking with Randy he said he needed to consult with Adam (My coach- another awesome guy, easy to talk to). Adam and I spoke and we decided together that it was a good fit. This is not a get rich quick idea, this is an opportunity to start, build, grow a business into whatever you choose, with help from instant friends doing the same thing you are."

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